The Forefront of Surgical Technology

Quality health care for women starts with trust and confidence in your doctor. The doctors at Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic are highly skilled surgeons with access and training in the latest laparoscopic and robotic surgery advances.

In addition to peace of mind, new, minimally invasive procedures now mean quicker recovery, less pain, and lower cost to you.

Staying at the forefront of surgical technology and advances is just another way Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic is here for you.

We provide compassionate care to the women of Southeastern Idaho. No matter what stage you are in your life, you can count on our providers and staff to take care of your health needs.

Women tend to take care of everyone and everything, except themselves. Taking good care of your personal health will keep you healthy for those you love. Primary and preventive healthcare is critical to long-term health and in many cases, can help a woman and her provider detect minor issues before they become serious.